Recent developments have seen MLEI move into the defence space. Over the course of two years, MLEI has delivered buildings, satellite structures and pavement projects for the DSTO and other operators in the defence industry.  MLEI’s high expertise and first principles approach to civil and structural engineering, combined with our strong focus on clustering with other consultants to form multidiscipline local teams, places MLEI well to service the defence industry.

Our civil and structural engineering services have been successful on a variety of projects over the following categories:

  • Buildings
  • Naval yard projects
  • Temporary and remote accommodation facilities
  • Industrial pavements / hardstands
  • Roads, stormwater and civil infrastructure
  • Water and wastewater services infrastructure
  • Analysis of complex structures

MLEI’s planning and design expertise for defence projects positions our team well to deliver exceptional results to defence customers.  The versatility of our engineering talent allows MLEI to work on the most complex of structures and infrastructure.  Our results focused team is ideal for the most sophisticated project.



Images not available due to the nature of work carried out.



MLEI can provide BIM capability on projects.