Adelaide Will See A 16-Storey ‘LEGO’ Hotel

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1432599048-legohotel1A planned new $32million city hotel will be pieced together like Lego – with the entire 16 storeys to be put together in less than two weeks. MLEI will provide the innovative engineering to enable this to happen. They will be working with Intro. Design company Intro director Nigel Howden said the use of the modular construction was a ‘game changer’.

‘It’s certainly a new way of building in Adelaide – there’s been a couple of schemes on the east coast using this building technology, but nothing like this hotel,’ Nigel said. ‘This is a real test bed for this kind of construction’. This building will be one of the tallest in Australia using modular construction technology. The plan is to build a hotel within 12 to 13 days – a level a day.

MLEI are pleased to continue their involvement in innovative design.