MLEI’s substantial involvement with planning and designing of infrastructure, whether for governments, private operators or Australian owned statutory authorities, has incorporated best practice which has repeatedly yielded economical outcomes for our clients.  MLEI have delivered infrastructure projects in both busy urban environments and isolated rural areas.  MLEI enjoy the uniqueness of each infrastructure project and draw considerable satisfaction from optimising the operations of our clients.

Our civil and structural engineering services have been successful on a variety of projects over the following categories:

  • Water and wastewater
  • Transportation – roads and hardstands
  • Stormwater and WSUD
  • Water courses
  • Dams and evaporation ponds
  • Road and pedestrian bridges
  • Maritime
  • Loading and docking facilities

Our team has design expertise in roads, stormwater, water and water services, hardstand pavements, water courses, bridge structures and maritime structures.  MLEI utilises a variety of the latest software driven by a team of capable engineers and technical officers.  MLEI takes a consistent approach to infrastructure project delivery and ensure that on every project we have an appreciation of our client's needs, develop sound project methodology, and focus on high attention to detail, while taking a balanced approach to determining the best engineering solution.



Design of transportation – roads and hardstands.


Water Infrastructure

Our team has design expertise in water and water services,


Underground tank

MLEI provide the expertise to design underground tanks.



Civil engineering for 12 railway pedestrian crossings throughout Adelaide.



Structural engineering for VMS gantries in Western Australia.


Emu Park

STP Inlet works